About Us

We’re engineers, tinkerers, designers, social entrepreneurs, and accessibility advocates. Together, we have over 30 years of experience in our fields!

Photo of Michael Cullen smiling with trees behind him

Michael Cullen

Co-founder and CEO

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Michael is an Irish electronics engineer who has worked in the Assistive Technology field for the last decade.

He’s worked in some of Ontario’s leading rehab hospitals for both kids and adults, helping individuals with mobility issues communicate, drive their wheelchairs, and control their homes independently. Michael has worked with over 350 clients with various levels of need, from Cerebral Palsy to ALS, and has enabled his clients greater control over their environment.

Michael’s mission is to remove barriers so everyone can access the world in which they live.

Photo of Fredrico Coutinho smiling with trees behind him

Fredrico Coutinho

Co-founder and COO

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Fredrico is an electronics engineer with over twenty years of experience in the field of biomedical engineering in acute care and rehabilitation hospitals both in Toronto, and internationally. His work and experience has afforded him the opportunity to assist in developing research protocols for research teams from the University of Toronto. His work with medically compromised individuals on ventilators and individuals with physical disabilities, allows him to understand how important independence, safety, accountability and transparency is to this sector and to this population.

Photo of Tom Hartford smiling with trees behind him

Tom Hartford


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Tom is a social entrepreneur with five years of experience running a start-up social enterprise in both Ontario and East Africa. He co-founded his previous company, Textbooks for Change, while studying at Western University, and grew the company to a team of 18 full-time staff at its peak. Under his watch as CFO, then COO, the company achieved $1.5 million in annual sales, donated 225,000 textbooks to East African university libraries, recycled or reused 400,000 books, and donated over $250,000 to socially purposed student clubs and community organizations. Tom believes in harnessing the power of business to make this world a better place.

Photo of Fabio Pereira smiling standing outdoors with trees behind him

Fabio Pereira


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Fabio is a Brazilian embedded hardware and software designer with more than 20 years of experience in electronics and programming. An accomplished professor and author, Fabio has written one English and eight Portuguese books on microcontroller and C language programming, and has published technical articles in Brazilian and US programming magazines like Circuit Cellar, Nuts and Volts, and Saber Eletronica.

On top of this, Fabio is also the co-founder of ScTec, a Brazilian company that designed embedded hardware and software for almost ten years.