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What is emitto?

emitto is a fully integrated platform that enables  people with mobility challenges to control smart devices in their homes with ease

emitto integrates off-the-shelf smart home technology with proprietary hardware to give users the ability to control their environment without nursing aid. With emitto, users can turn on/off fan, TV, change channels, open doors, turn on/off lights, adjust hospital bed and much more via voice or a switch (for non-verbal users). emitto can also automatically detect when there is a problem with the system and start a process to rectify it; leaving users worry free about technical issues 

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One device, multiple uses.

Emitto uses cloud-based technology to connect with any item you choose. After a quick consultation and installation, maintenance and modification is a breeze; simply let the Novalte team know what you’d like changed, and we can adapt your solution remotely.

Emitto ecosystem can be operated with your voice, accessible switches, your smartphone, Google Home, and more. Together, we’ll create a comfortable and reliable solution that works for you.

All these devices, and more.

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Adjustable Bed

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Television & Cable Box

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Automatic Door Opener

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Fan & Air Conditioning

I cannot overstate the significance of Novalte’s contribution to my life.

Jeffrey M.

Connect and control what you want, however you want.

Emitto is totally compatible with a number of established and emerging technologies. Get in touch with us to learn more about emitto.

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Making the world accessible.

The beauty of emitto is that it can adapt and accommodate to almost any need, can be controlled in a variety of ways, and we can even reprogram it remotely. Whether your needs are changing due to a degenerative illness or accident, or you just want to put your trusted switches to more use, emitto will change your life.

Need more convincing? Head to our Success Stories page for written and video testimonials from a few of our clients.

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