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Helping your clients live fuller, more independent lives.

Are you a care provider or professional caregiver?

emitto can help you help your clients live more independently, allowing them to lead better, fuller lives. Use of emitto is also shown to reduce the burden of care, allowing care facilities and providers to recapture up to 45 valuable minutes a day per staff member – simply by eliminating the need for involvement in day to day routine tasks.

Watch how March of Dimes Canada incorporated emitto and what it meant to the clients and staff.

Incorporating emitto into your individual care plans allows care providers and caregivers to:

  • Dramatically increase the independence of people with mobility issues, giving them back personal freedom and control
  • Eliminate the need for caregiver involvement in routine tasks (turning on lights, changing television channels, adjusting hospital beds, opening doors)
  • Realize new efficiencies in your care workflows so you and your team spend more time on quality connections and personal interactions
  • Reduced dependency on caregivers reduces the friction and irritation that crops up when people have to wait on staff to perform routine tasks
  • Accelerate transition for individuals from care facilities back into the community
  • Redistribute healthcare investments into high-quality person-centred care activities

Take the pressure off your budget, staff and yourself all the while increasing the quality of life for your clients.

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I can’t imagine going back to life without the device.

Greg C.