Success Stories

See what a few of our clients have to say about about working with Novalte.

Black and white photo of Jeffrey M sitting in a power wheelchair smiling

Jeffrey M.

“The greatest gift in life is to belong. I believe that we are all a part of something bigger. In order to do that, however, we need to be able to communicate with those we value. As an individual with a physical disability, I encounter challenges that prevent me from fulfilling this goal at the core of humanity.

I first met Michael when he was an engineer at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, where I had the privilege of working with him to design a new driving mechanism for my power wheelchair, which also controls my computer and communication devices. I was immediately impressed with Michael’s innovative ideas and his willingness to blur the lines between the possible and the impossible. In the end, Michael spearheaded the design and implementation of a fiber-optic controlled driving mechanism, the first of its type in the province.

I cannot overstate the significance of Novalte’s contribution to my life. As a direct result of their exceptional skills, I have been given the gifts of mobility and communication. I strongly recommend Michael, not only as an engineer and designer, but also as a leader in the ongoing fight for individuals with disabilities.”

Watch how Paul uses his voice, emitto, and Google Home to control his bed, blinds, lights, and door:

Black and white photo of Paul V smiling and tilting in his power wheelchair

Paul V.

“Since my diagnosis, I haven’t had functional movement below my shoulders. Novalte was recommended to me by my life skills educator as my treatment assessment plan. [They have] allowed me to control the environment inside my house with Google Home.

[…] I’d recommend Novalte for anyone who has the desire to live independently and have control over their environment.”

Black and white photo of Ken C sitting in a power wheelchair smiling with on a wooden boardwalk and trees around him

Ken C.

“As a result of health issues, I was presented with the diagnosis of needing a Trachea. As much as it gave me quality of life back, I was faced with a weaker voice. Since I work over the phone and people need to be able to hear me, I was referred to Michael and the Novalte team.

After explaining my situation and what I needed to continue working, Michael immediately set up an appointment in my home.

After a quick quote and assessment, Fredrico arrived with the equipment and installed everything I needed to continue working. He didn’t leave until everything was working correctly.

Working with the Novalte was very positive and well worth my time – everything has met my expectations and I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Watch Greg’s video to see how he uses his emitto:

Black and white photo of Greg C smiling

Greg C.

“I use the emitto and it gives me the independence to operate all my things in my apartment. I suggest this product because it will give you independence and it will give you the freedom to succeed!”

I can’t imagine going back to life without the device.

Greg C.